Stove Area

We will sit with you and go over all your wants and needs to design the kitchen you'll be proud to show your family and guests. 

You'd be surprised just how much usable space you have. We'll show you how to use the space you have to it's full potential.

  • How many times have you found yourself on your knees reaching in the back of a cabinet looking for that pot you thought you lost 5 years ago? 
  • When cooking do you get all your spices, oils,etc., and place them next to your stove only to have to put them away after you're done cooking?
  • After dinner, have you come back to your kitchen only to find that all your spices and oils are still on your countertop?

We can make it so that everything at the stove area is organized and at your fingertips. The moment you get done using your spices, they're back where they belong and out of the way, ready to be used again at an arm's reach.


Food Storage

When buying food in bulk or small items it makes sense to keep them organized. 

  • How many times have you moved 15 cans of peas and corn just to realize you're out of tomato sauce?
  • Or moved the cereal boxes to find you're out of peanut butter?

We can make your life easier by providing you with roll-out shelves that are as deep as drawers. You pull out the shelf and everything you have, all the way to the back, is at a glance without having to move a single item.

All the roll out shelves are adjustable so that they can be spaced accordingly for shorter items like small cans of sauce or tall boxes of cereal and you can have as many as you feel are convenient for you.

Once you know where your food is, you'll know in minutes what you have and need so that your next shopping list will be a breeze. 


These are just a few examples of organizing your kitchen to meet your needs.

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