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Building our community one family at a time with affordable quality custom cabinets.

As a provider of affordable quality custom cabinets, we offer vital support to Tampa Bay area residents. We understand the importance of how the economy affects all of us , and our company represents just a part of Tampa’s proud business owners who take pride in the services we offer. Our goal is to offer our community beautiful kitchens one family at a time. 

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We proudly support the United States Naval Academy Foundation which helps our midshipmen in preparing to become officers in our United States Military. We are also members of the Naval Academy Club for officers and faculty at the USNA.



We support the Wounded Warrior Project which helps our returning wounded military family.

We also support the USO, whom support our active duty and returning military family.


God Protect and Bless our Military Men and Women.



Jacobs Custom Cabinets is proud to have one of our own

attending The United States Naval Academy,

our son Jacob.




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"I  can  do  all  things  through  Christ  who  strengthens  me"  

Phil: 4:13

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