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We are a Christian family owned business serving Tampa Bay with more than 26 years experience in general construction and 20+ years in the cabinet business. Rest assured that when we give you advice, it is "sound advice" based on many years of experience.


The costs of our overhead expenses are low which translates into savings for you. When buying your cabinets from our competitors, be it a huge home center or large warehouse, check to see how many employees are walking around, how fancy the building is, the lighting, location. Yes!, all of these things you see are reflected in the price of your cabinets. "You Are Paying For All of These Things & Your Cabinets Will Show It".


It may not show immediately but when you closely inspect your cabinets, with a little know-how, you can see just how much of your money you're getting back.When buying your cabinets from Jacobs Cabinets, most of your investment goes into raw materials and in return you get the most for your investment.


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We are always looking for ways to keep your cost down, so check our current specials on  "What's New".


Aside from Jacobs Cabinets being a residential service provider, we also support community development through volunteer work in private and public institutions.

Meet our Team at Jacobs Cabinets


Meet our partners who work hand in hand with us. 

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